Sailor Moon episode 1-

May 3, 2009

Awww what can I say? I hate and love Sailor Moon?~. In this episode we learn about Luna and Molly and Serena. here’s my short summary:


Serena Tsukino, a scatter brain F minus student finds a mysterious cat with a bandage on her forehead. When taking this off,the cat “attacks her”. Later on the cat sneaks into her room and talks to her, telling her she is the legendary Sailor Moon. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and rescues her best friend Mooly who is being attacked by the ‘Negaverse” . She saves the day! (like always) She also meets Tuxedo Mask! A myseterious handsome warrior…



April 11, 2006

I made the account for the Sailor Moon subdomain but I can’t to anything for the lack of time. I’m not deleting it because doesn’t recycle the subdomains. If you’re interested in this, leave a comment here.